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Intercultural Roots aims to become a conduit for funding through effectively managing and administering grant-giving to support the sustainability and development of embodied practices for health, to protect and support indigenous and traditional embodied arts and relieve hardship within indigenous communities. We will provide impact reporting to our funders, donors and sponsors on the benefits that funds we receive and distribute have on people, communities and society through impact reporting. This section of our website will provide a portal for members to apply for grants through Intercultural Roots.

We are currently CLOSED for grant applications.

Let us Administer your Fund

Intercultural Roots aims to be the go-to place for trusts, foundations and governments who wish to develop public health through embodied practice. We can also help you create your own legacy fund or trust. By administering your fund and distributing grants we will provide practitioners, performers, teachers, researchers and associations with funding in order to promote, develop, deliver, sustain and advance their practice. This will benefit the health, wellbeing and lives of people around the world and help protect and sustain indigenous and traditional embodied arts and the communities where their roots are based. We would love to talk about creating or administering your fund.

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