Issue 5 of Martial Arts Studies is out now!

Download the full issue or individual articles online for free at the Cardiff University Press site – here.

 Here’s what you can look forward to inside:

  1. Benjamin N Judkins and Paul Bowman: Editorial: Show, Don’t Tell: Making Martial Arts Studies Matter


  1. Darren Kelsey: Affective Mythology and ‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor: Monomyth, Mysticism and Mixed Martial Arts


  1. D. S. Farrer: Captivation, False Connection, and Secret Societies in Singapore


  1. Sion Thomas, Ricardo G. Lugo, Alex Channon, Alan Spence: The Influence of Competitive Co-Action on Kata Performance


  1. Martin Minarik: Ideological Efficacy before Martial Efficacy: On the Relationship between Martial Arts, Theatricality, and Society


  1. James Vincent Southwood and Sara Delamont: Tales of a Tireur: Being a Savate Teacher in Contemporary Britain


  1. Book Review: Emelyne Godfrey: Her Own Hero: The Origins of the Women’s Self-Defense Movement, by Wendy Rouse, New York: New York University Press, 2017


  1. Book Review: Russell Alexander Stepp: Late Medieval and Early Modern Fight Books, by Daniel Jaquet, Karin Verelst and Timothy Dawson, eds.


  1. Book Review: Craig Owen: 2017. Embodying Brazil: An ethnography of diasporic capoeira, edSara Delamont, Neil Stephens and Claudio Campos Routledge. 244 pages.

If you’re feeling inspired after reading it, there is still time to submit an abstract for the July 2018 Martial Arts Studies Conference – ‘Bruce Lee’s Cultural Legacies’ – here.

Happy reading, writing, studying, training, working, playing!

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