Intercultural Roots

Intercultural Roots is formed as a partnership of two distinct yet aligned charities registered with the UK Charity Commission, each with approval to operate globally:

Intercultural Roots for Traditional Embodied Arts (Registered Charity Number: 1146653)
- advancing education, the arts and relief of hardship
- educating people about indigenous and traditional embodied arts; conducting research to preserve, sustain and disseminate cultural heritage; and, the relief of hardship in indigenous communities.

Intercultural Roots for Public Health (Registered Charity Number: 1179885)
- advancing education and health
- promoting community participation in healthy recreation in particular Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates and Dance; educating people about the proven health benefits; and, promoting best practice in delivery through teacher training (train-the-trainer).

We want to support people who participate, practise, perform, teach or research contemporary embodied practices or traditional embodied arts. We would also like to support people who represent associations that organise such practices and those who could help fund our work i.e. benefactors, companies or funders.

  • Alex Boyd
  • , London, UK

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