Pop Up Tai Chi

Pop Up Tai Chi is all about bringing the grace of our movement and discipline into spaces where you would least likely expect to find it. Be that in a car park, in the middle of a cricket match, or high up on the side of a mountain...

... it's all about the unexpected in unexpected places.

The team behind Pop Up Tai Chi are a collection of tai chi practitioners who have discovered how exciting and captivating our work is when performed to the public in unusual places.

We wanted to create a place where the word can be spread about pop up tai chi events and activities that are being planned so as many people as possible can experience them, take part and grow the audiences for hard-working tai chi instructors and students.

We are based in the UK, but see this service as one that reaches beyond and we encourage participation from all over the world. We hope that stories, advice and best practice can be shared here so that instructors can help each other bring our discipline to new parts of the world in the least likely of places!

We are always looking to grow the team, so if you have an interest in pop-up tai chi or are actively involved thenĀ drop us a line.

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