Taoist Centre

Teaching Taoist cultivation and expression arts through practical movement, breath and energy work.

We are based in London and deliver taught weekly classes, weekend workshops and retreats.

The Taoist Centre has a heritage that is connected with Daojiao Daoyin Shu (Daoist Education Whole-body-breathing Art) from China.  It consists of neidan cultivation arts that nourish internal energy or qi including wuji (stillness) training and the '8 Strands of the Brocade' healing arts.  The weidan expression arts teach practitioners how to utilise their internal energy and include taiji (tai chi) and other ancient arts.

The focus of Taoist training is to embody the cultivation and utilisation of energy in a virtuous way (de) and this has many benefits including health, relationships, work and almost every aspect of life.  All Taoists work towards being connected to and in consciousness with everything in the universe (Dao) including nature / humanity, the earth and the heavens.

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