Dr Ian Kenvyn


Dr Ian Kenvyn is the Co-Founder of the charity The Evexia Foundation (www.evexia.org.uk ) and was an academic in his former life; where he worked in physical and mental health, wellbeing and social benefit. He trained with Mental Health First Aid England and is an experienced Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) instructor, and has worked in education, national health settings, commercial financial services and the voluntary/community sector. Ian is also an Exercise Referral Consultant, with a specialism in exercise to support those with physical and mental health issues. He has authored numerous workshops, guides and other interventions to support people towards better mental health and resilience. Outside of work, Ian is often to be found splashing about in water, sliding down snow, gliding on his bike or clambering on rocks. Alongside these activities, Ian has been a student of Tai Chi and the Taoist Arts for some 25 years. He regularly attends workshops with his teacher Dr Alex Boyd.