Thomas Kampe - Alvaro Hernandez - Renata Carvalho - Alexandre Mello - Almiro Andrade

Thomas Kampe - Alvaro Hernandez - Renata Carvalho - Alexandre Mello - Almiro Andrade

Thomas Kampe – (PhD)Professor of Somatic Performance and Education at Bath Spa University working with creative movement processes for the last 35 years. His research focuses on critical somatic legacies built upon his expertise on Feldenkrais Method®. He co-directs The Creative Corporalities Research Group at Bath Spa University.  

Alvaro Hernandez - Associate professor at the Faculty of Arts -ASAB Universidad Distrital in the programs of Performing Arts, the Master's in Artistic Studies and the Doctorate in Artistic Studies. His research looks at the activation of post-capitalist ecological ways of doing in the world that contribute to generating actions of change in relation to the socio-environmental crisis .

Renata Carvalho – Actress, Director, Dramaturg and Transpologist. Renata is one of the most important voices in Brazil on the discussions of trans gender identity. Her performances The Gospel According to Jesus Queen of Heaven” and Manifest Transpofágico are powerful reflections on sexual identity and social acceptance.   Renata was awarded the 2020 AFIELD Fellowship for MONART - National Movement of Trans Artists, which questions the absence, exclusion, misrepresentation and misunderstanding of travesti / trans bodies in the arts and professional society across Brazil.

Alexandre Mello -Brazilian Director, Teacher and Performer. Co-creator of REPENSA – Rethink Festival (Rio de Janeiro-BR), coordinator of the Actors Atelier where he develops a research highly influence by art principles from Ligia Clark and Helio Oiticica.  

Almiro Andrade – actor, director, dramaturg and theatre translator with a PhD in Translation of Brazilian Contemporary Drama at King's College London. Researcher on the field of Black Brazilian Theatre and UK based transdisciplinary artist working intercultural studies.

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