Recent IR developments

Here at Intercultural Roots we’ve been busy in dialogue with the UK Charity Commission.  Firstly we tried to become registered as ‘Intercultural Roots for Embodied Practice Research’. That didn’t work out as the CC assessors felt ’embodied practice’ was to generic for the charity to have a Health objective.  Therefore they recommended a change of name to Intercultural Roots for Public Health with a limited scope on the types of ‘healthy recreation’ to be promoted to Tai Chi, Yoga, Dance and Pilates.  They really didn’t want to associate themselves with saying, for example, that acupuncture or homeopathy is good for health..  Going with their recommendation  was the only way forward towards having a charity registered that has education and health objectives.  IR4PH was born.

Although this was a step forward we still weren’t completely happy with that.  The question remained – What about all the other embodied practices (indigenous, traditional and contemporary) body-mind-spirit practices that we want to include and work with (that don’t necessarily have proven health benefits)?

So what we did was to recycle a registered charity that had pretty much fulfilled its objectives (The Teddy Baldock Sports Benevolent Fund) by changing it’s name and adding new objectives. So Intercultural Roots for Traditional Embodied Arts  – IR4TEA – has been born.

Now although ingenious 🙈 – you might think all this would have been quite simple to implement – well it wasn’t! Numerous iterations of complex communication, misunderstandings and lengthly delays (months) in between mean’t it has taken nearly two years to complete.

Well here we are – whew! Two registered charities later, both entities have bank accounts and the ability to operate worldwide. Amazing!

Proposed next steps:

  • further develop our website as a partnership between IR4TEA and IR4PH at
  • confirm the trustees for IR4TEA
  • begin to build an Advisory Group of volunteers from around the world who are representatives and influencers in embodied practice (any recommendations?)
  • attract funding and donations so we can develop our infrastructure and carry out our objectives
  • encourage individuals, organisations and corporations to become members and support their needs 


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