‘What Matters To You?’

RIPPLES is responding to the various challenges that we as individuals have had to face especially during COVID-19. Many people’s lives have been affected and although we are “in the same storm we are in different boats“.

We are inviting artists and the public to create a one-minute video or an image / writing responding to the theme ‘What matters to you?’

It’s an opportunity to amplify the voice of people all over the world and to create a picture of the local needs and issues that are currently being experienced. At the same time it is also an opportunity for the community of artists and the public to share, build ongoing and meaningful relationships and to look for ways that encourage mutual support.  It really is the start of a conversation.

RIPPLES is commissioning 7 Initiating Artists, each from different continental timezones who will lead responses from the 10th October (World Mental Health Day) and invite their communities to also take part on the subsequent dates.

– The Ripples Steering Group –



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Zoom in and click on the coloured pins to meet the Ripples’ Initiating Artists (light yellow) and Steering Group Members (blue).  Purple pins are responses from all artists from 10 October (Sunrise), dark yellow 24 October (Noon) and green pins are from 7 November (Sunset).  Click on the pin and then the artists’ image to play their video.



We are inviting artists and the public from all over the world to create a one-minute video or an image / writing in response to the theme ‘What matters to you?’ You are asked to create your artistic response on the specified date(s) at the particular time of day (your local time) and share it with the hashtag #ripplesworld

10th October – Sunrise (World Mental Health Day)
24th October – Noon
7th November – Sunset
21st November – Midnight
21st December – Everyone to respond at exactly the same time (to be announced)


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– listed in alphabet order by last name –



ABIGAIL SENA ATSUGAH is an enthusiastic choreographer, teacher, and arts practitioner. She obtained Batchelor (2008) and Master of Fine Arts (2016) from the University of Ghana.  With insight into Contemporary African Dance, she took part in the premier edition of Engagement Feminine in 2009 at Burkina-Faso, touring and performing in Burkina Faso, Bordeaux and Yale University. In  2017, she co-choreographed for the West African Football Union (WAFU) games hosted in Cape Coast, Ghana. In 2018 she participated in The March in Ecole de sable in Senegal and was selected by Kabawil to be part of Framewalk held in Ghana, Mali and in Germany. 

She is currently the artistic director of Tifali Organization in Accra where she initiated the Shemotion Project in 2019 and choreographed an all women dance production dubbed When Women Move in March 2020. She is an assistant lecturer with the Department of Dance Studies, School of Performing Arts, University of Ghana, Legon; and lectures in Intermediary Dance Technique, African Dance Performance, Dance Forms of Ghana, Introduction to Dance and the Theatre and Contemporary African Dance. She is pursuing in an interactive Ph.D. program with a particular focus on Dance, Gender, and Social Reintegration. Her aim is to become a professor of dance within academia, whilst engaging in active choreographic works with seasoned artistes.



(TAU) Peter Rockford Espiritu, is the Executive & Artistic Director of Tau Dance Theater (TDT), the only professional western form dance/theater company founded by a native Hawaiian based in Honolulu. Established in 1996, TDT is a 501(c)3 non-profit, charitable arts organization, celebrating its 25th Silver Anniversary in 2021. TAU is about respectfully moving culture and the arts forward to benefit future generations in our global village. The pillars of TDT are PŌHULI (*A hybrid fusion of Hula, Modern Dance and Ballet), cultural and technological pluralism, ancestral knowledge and native intelligence, with ceremony, ritual and indigenous spiritualism. Tau is about the relevance of the now, holding space today with respect to yesterday, building a strong foundation for the future and establishing an evolutional indigenous Pasefika voice for Oceania. TAU has recently returned home to Hawaii after serving for six years (2011-2017) as Artistic Director at the Oceania Centre for Culture and the Arts at The University of the South Pacific in Suva, Fiji and continues his life as a Hula practitioner, teaching and choreographing globally and focusing on indigenous futurisms.



Takumã Kuikuro – Filmmaker, member of the Kuikuro indigenous village, currently living in the Ipatse village, in the Xingu Indigenous Park. Takumã is recognized nationally and internationally for his films, having been awarded by the festivals: Festival de Gramado, Brasília Festival of Brazilian Cinema, Olhar de Cinema, Bahia International Film Journey, Ethnographic Documentary Film Festival, Presence Autochtone de Terres Festival in Vue.
In 2017, he received the honorary award “Queen Mary University London Scholarship”. And in 2019, he was the first indigenous judge of the Brazilian Film Festival in Brasília.



OLIVE NIETO is a performer, and an assistant professor at the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman. She is exploring new forms of doing and teaching theatre and performance through collaboration with scholars, practitioners, and students. Together with playwright Layeta Bucoy, she is creating a digital performance called the MonoVlog which is a cross between a monologue and a vlog (video log). Presented in Facebook Live, the MonoVlog is a series of original digital performances probing lockdown experiences in response to national affairs. Olive is also convening a colloquium at the UP Diliman entitled “E-mergen(t)cy Theatre and Performance” focusing on  practical and theoretical presentations addressing the themes and interests connected to innovations of theatre and performance scholars and practitioners during the global health crisis. 

Website: olivenieto.com



SAVITA RANI is a graduate of the National School of Drama (NSD), New Delhi (2008), specialised in acting. Savita works as a research practitioner and as an actor, director and actor trainer in theatre. Recently she has completed her Ph.D. from the Department of Performing Arts, Pondicherry University on title ‘A Study on Devised Solo Theatre in India’.  Savita Rani has worked with many eminent theatre personalities like Anuradha Kapur, Anamika Haksar, Tripurari Sharma, K. S. Rajendran, Abhilash Pillai, Amitesh Grover, Suresh Anagali, Harish Khanna, Vivan Sundram, Roysten Abel, Khalid Tyabji, Jyoti Dogra etc. Her work has given her opportunity to travel to countries like Peru, Pakistan, China,Nepal, Austria, Bangladesh, Japan, Thailand, and England. During her research work, she devised a solo theatre piece ‘RIP: Restlessness in Pieces’ and travelling with it all over India and abroad.



AHMED SOURA, Born in Burkina Faso and currently based in Berlin. Studied at the Institut National de Formation Artistique et Culturelle (INAFAC) led by the National Ballet of Burkina Faso, Toe Emmanuel and Congo Alassane. Since 2006-07 till 2010 he danced on tour with the company of Irène Tassembédo.  In 2010, he toured throughout Europe with Christoph Schlingensief’s “Via Intolleranza II” and in 2011, won third prize at the “Internationales Solo-Tanz-Theater Festival” in Stuttgart and made a tour in Brazil , Germany and Burkina Faso. In 2014, he presented his solo “AU PRET DU TEMPS” at the Tanztage Berlin. 2013 till 2015 Ahmed Soura was part of the Opera-Ballet of Deutsche Oper Berlin.  Since 2013 Ahmed Soura is working with Christoph Winkler in different projects. Since 2016 he is co-creating and touring with Faso Danse Theatre/ Serge Aimé Coulibaly. 



Lizzy Tan is a Singaporean-American dance artist, teacher and performer. Lizzy received her BFA in Dance and BA in Economics with Special Honours from the University of Texas at Austin. She also holds an MSc from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Lizzy’s works have been selected for the Cohen New Works Festival, Performistanbul’s Stay Live at Home project and Houston Choreographers: Generation Next galas. Recently, she debuted Virtual Geographies, a transnational performance series using livestream and dance, with Carly Lave in Berlin and London. Lizzy’s current practice and solo performances centre on the philosophy of image and representation of the female performing body, explored through visual art, photography, movement and film projects. More about Lizzy’s choreography and performance work at www.lizzytan.com


Ripples is a co-conceived project from the Intercultural Roots international community of practitioner-researchers.

Elizabeth de Roza

Elizabeth de Roza (www.elizabethderoza.com) is a practitioner-researcher|educator, multi-disciplinary performance maker, theatre director, actor-movement trainer. As a practising artist, Elizabeth’s works range from site-specific social engagement to cross-cultural | disciplinary performances and intense black-box physical performances. She has collaborated on many international performance projects with a focus on embodied experiences, thinking and practice through making, embodied cognition and cross-cultural performance at the intersections of both decolonial and feminist theories. She has presented these works at various prestigious contemporary theatre festivals in South America, Europe, UK, Asia. She also co-convenes the Embodied Research Working Group within the International Federation for Theatre Research and holds a PhD (Theatre and Performance), Goldsmiths, University of London. 

Shabari Rao

Shabari Rao is an independent artist, educator and researcher from Bangalore, India. Her work focuses on the relationship between body, performance, and knowledge. Her work takes the shape of performing, directing, teaching, writing, and more recently, experimental film and has been presented internationally through conferences, residencies, festivals and publications. More details can be found at www.shabarirao.com

Alex Boyd

Alex Boyd has a passion for developing collaboration between embodied knowledge practitioners. He is the co-founder and conceiver of the Embodied Research Working Group at the IFTR and is Executive Director for ‘Intercultural Roots’. Alex is a practitioner-scholar who graduated in Performance Studies and Critical Education from the University of California at Davis (UC Davis). His PhD dissertation entitled ‘The Sustainability of Traditional Knowledge Systems’ draws on 20 years of professional work teaching the wide-ranging Taoist arts that he has immersed himself in since 1985. These include energy cultivation and expression, healing, martial and sacred arts that (re)connect humans with nature, the earth and the heavens! Alex is a Research Associate with UC Davis researching how actors and performers can cultivate and utilise energy in ‘presencing’ and how ideas manifest into happenings. 

Special thanks to:

  • Steering Group Members, Initiating Artists and Intercultural Roots Trustees
  • the Intercultural Roots executive team: Alex Boyd (Executive Director), Andrea Maciel (Artistic Director), Alice Motta (Producer), Wendy Van der Haagen-Boyd (Financial Administration), Peter Kramer (Volunteer) and Clare Kenvyn (External Evaluation)
  • those people who helped recommend the Ripples Initiating Artists: Lynette Hunter, Kara Jhalak Miller, Irina Reinke, Alice Motta, Paulo Múmia, Elizabeth de Roza, Ahmed Soura and Alex Boyd
  • those practitioner-researchers who attended community consultation events where Ripples was first conceived and introduced (mid June 2020) and developed in particular Maggi Swallow, Tiago Gambogi and Isabella Sperotto
  • the IFTR Embodied Research Working Group co-convened by Ben Spatz and Elizabeth de Roza whose ‘reading group’ discussions concerning decolonialism have been invaluable
  • Claimer of connectivity and co-creation – we want to claim the happy fact that this project has emerged from exchanges and collaboration with many, others human and non-human. We have shared discussions, work sessions, dialogues and parties and our pollen has crossed many times. Without these lively connections none of this could have blossomed. Thank you.

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