Arts for Health and Social Change
Image Credits: Tiago Gambogi, Joaquim Bezerra, (Tau) Peter Rockford Espiritu, East 1 5 Students.
Fostering spaces for collaborative practices and supportive networks for practitioners.

Promoting arts for health and arts for social change through educational and artistic events.

Expanding the concept of health across trans disciplinary practices and cultural borders.


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Image Credit: Vera Dickman
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Arts for health image.
Image Credit: Kevin O'Connor
Arts for Health encompasses Intercultural Roots' creative, cultural and artistic activities that impact on health and well-being. We advocate for...

Arts for
Social Change

Arts for social change image.
Image Credit: Dimitar Hristov. Performer Credit: Tiago Gambogi
What artistic practices have in common is what we have invested in them, driven by our necessity to...


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