'A grove of oneness'
Intercultural Roots brings together practitioners, artists, scholars and teachers to create collaboratively and develop their practices for health and social change. We achieve this by creating a healthy environment for practitioners and nurturing this as a place in which seeds of artistic practice can flourish to bring positive changes to the world.We seek to harness the combined power of practice, critical inquiry and creativity to address health, education, environmental awareness, social equality and multilingual and trans-cultural collaborations.


For service users we provide health and social wellness through a range of initiatives in cultural, artistic, educational and mental health programs. These include dance &movement, visual arts and crafts, breathing and vocal techniques, music making and listening skills. Having delivered mental health support throughout the pandemic, we have experienced the growth in demand for support. With the physical and mental health effects of Covid , we have supported a growing number of affected people. With the continued immediate anxieties caused by cost of living, now is the time to act on the increasing physical & mental stresses in local communities, from personal to domestic to social, by working directly with people facing these challenges.

Who We Are

Meet the people who enable it all to happen...

Our Journey

Intercultural Roots came into existence in 2018 with an innovative vision...

Read our May 2023 externally evaluated contribution to the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group 'Creative Health Review'
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Image Credits: Alex Boyd, (Tau) Peter Rockford Espiritu, Mario Purisic. Video Credit: Alex Boyd & Andrea Maciel.