Aug - Sep 2020

A series of art for health & social change constellations: i) Art & Activism, ii) Arts of the Body and Health, iii) Art & City

Constellations 3: Art & City

-  invited scholars and artists to share their practices in a provocative relationship within the public sphere, bringing a social intervention perspective to the current global pandemic scenario.

‘Sensorial Walks'

(Dr. Jacek Ludwig  Scarso, Dr. Ana Pais and Dr. Daniel Tercio)  

In the current post-lockdown context, walking in the city as a practice of awareness has allowed rediscovering multiple sensorial and meaningful layers as well as re-thinking and re-feeling the city in pandemic times.


'Exhausted Cities'

(Deasy Bamford, Manuela Benini, Otavio Avancini, Finlay Forbes & Alice Millen)

The poetics of the apocalyptic: how to survive the eminent end of human economic resources.                                                                                            



(Rachel Karafistan, Dr.Andrea Maciel, Joaquim Bezerra, Dr. Patrick Campbell, Dr. Almiro Andrade)

Street Theatre making, Black Brazilian Performance Legacy and the possibility for cross cultural exchanges in the context of contemporary narratives of proximal isolation.

Constellation 2 - Arts of the Body and Health

(Henrique Schuller, Daniela Visco, Julia Pond, Thomas Kampe and Anna-Helena Mc Lean)

This cycle 2  was looking at the arts of the body whilst creating dialogues between healing and somatic techniques.    

The public were invited to witness a dialogue between practitioners while  experiencing classes on voice and physical theatre, Feldenkrais, Laban, Yoga and Duncan Dance.  

Constellation 1 - Art & Activism


(Gabriela Flarys, Franko Figueredo, Almiro Andrade, Julia Couto and Alice Motta) Art experiences, immersions, creative processes, classes and  forums discussing  new ways of provoking people's minds around what really is: Art & Artivism and how we can activate the spaces around us.