CONSTELLATIONS 4: 'Deep Listening' and Poetics of Resistance' (Day 4)

23 Jan 2021

CONSTELLATIONS 4: 'Deep Listening' and Poetics of Resistance' (Day 4)
An exploration of Deep Listening® & Poetics of Resistance - connection, creation & artivist resistance
We invited participants to go on a Deep Listening® journey as well as experience six artists sharing their artwork looking at different ways in which we can humanly resist the restrictions imposed by the pandemic.

‘Poetics of Resistance’

- PERFORMANCE SHARING: Digital Performance Making as an Act of Resistance and Creation of New Artistic Language (Brazil & United Kingdom)

6 artists shared their creative process allowing the online audience to watch 6 brilliant artistic shows and have the opportunity to learn about the creative process behind the art making.

(Gabriela Flarys, Julia Testa, Tiago Gamboji, Monica Rocha, Guilherme Nani, Eduardo Hoffmam)

Image Credit: Jon Petter

‘Deep Listening®:

impulse from a place of deep connection’ - (Jon Petter) A journey and exploration into deep listening as a way of connecting deeply to each other and our environment.