Health & WELLth Festival 2021

6 - 15 May 2021

Health & WELLth Festival 2021
Health & WELLth Festival gathered symposiums, workshops, healing hubs and performances.

Health & WELLth Festival

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Postponed from April 2020 due to the first Covid-19 lockdown the inaugural ‘Health & WELLth Festival’ for Intercultural Roots was produced and held in May 2021. The Health & WELLth Festival featured it’s own website promoting 17 online practice as research workshops and symposium over a two week period. 50+ international artists facilitated the 17 events that attracted 350+ online participants and thousands of online video views.

1.     ‘Arts for Health & Social Change Symposium’

2.     ‘Dissolving Technique and The Roller Coaster’ with Julia Testa

3.     ‘Embodied Sonorous Expression - Performance as Research’ with Shabari Rao and Will Crawford

4.     ‘Moving and Being Moved’ with Julia Pond

5.     ‘FELDENKRAIS movement exploration attention action and creative wellbeing’ with Thomas Kampe

Loby Lam & Petra Stransky Photo P.Baeleert

6.     ‘Healing Hub - Inhale-Pause-Sound’ with Dylan Bolles, Jon Petter and Will Crawford

7.     ‘Echolocating Presence - Creative Navigations through a Digital Environment’ with Marije Nie and Patrick Campbell

8.     ‘Agbadza Music and Dance - Live from Ghana’ with Sena Atsugah and the Tifali Organisation

9.     ‘What is in a Face - Physiognomy or Face Reading in Traditional Chinese Medicine’ with Dr Alex Feng

10.   ‘The Web of Meaning’ with Jeremy Lent

11.   ‘MR MAMBO Live from Kenya’ with Caleb Tembar Isiche and Newstar Drama Group

12.   ‘The Psycho-Somatic Loop’ with Dr Ian Kenvyn

13.   ‘Within a Day’ with Thingamajigs Performance Group

14.   ‘Healing through Sound-Touch-Meditation’ with Vanessa Godoy, Manuela Benini and Alice Motta

15.   ‘Boal - Lecoq and Dance Paradoxes’ with Alice Motta, Gabriela Flarys and Júlia Couto

16.   ‘Moving Relation - Intimacy with Being’ with Nita Little

17.   ‘Cabaret Burlesque’ with Renata Carvalho, Smile Vidya, Tiago Gambogi and Fernanda Mandagara.

A huge thanks to the producers: Alex Boyd, Andréa Maciel, Wendy Van Der Haagen Boyd and Alice Motta and presenting artists: Alice Motta, Andrea Maciel, Caleb Tembar Isiche, Charlene Ossler, Dr Alex Feng, Dylan Bolles, Dylan Bolles, Edward Schocker, Fernanda Mandagara, Gabriela Flarys, Ian Kenvyn, Jeremy Lent, Jon Petter, Julia Couto, Julia Pond, Julia Testas, Keith Evans, Manuela Benini, Marije Nie, Nita Little, Patrick Campbell, Renata Carvalho, Sena Atsugah, Shabari Rao, Smile Vidya, Suki O'Kane, Thomas Kampe, Tiago Gambogi, Vanessa Godoy, Will Crawford, Will Crawford, Zhi Dao Guan