Curated Artist Workshops

Feb - July 2021

Curated Artist Workshops
Artists and somatic practitioners supported to deliver workshops via Intercultural Roots.

20th February 2021 – ‘Chinese New Year of the Ox’

Intercultural Roots was proud to host this event online in partnership with Zhi Dao Guan, The Taoist Center.  Usually an in-person event, Drs. Feng and Ossler facilitated the celebration that featured 22 artists. A huge thanks to everyone involved in this international event that attracted 40+ participants and more people who later ordered the Zoom video.

Hosts: Dr Charlene Ossler and Dr Alex Feng (Zhi Dao Guan, The Taoist Center). Artists: Edgardo Cambon, Kaia Stuart, Andrea Maciel, Shi Fu/Sensei Kore' Grate, Celia Mendizabel, Tom Franco, Hui Chen, Jie Bing Chen, Sky Sandoval, Larry Kelly, Nora Hudson, Lizzy Tan, Brandon Bosch, Lois Helmbold, and Soo-Young Chin, Dr. Cheryl Schwartz, Daiane Lopes Da Silva and Weidong Yang, Cherry Stone Duo - Will Crawford (Guitar) and Emily Hopper (Harp).  Event Producer Dr Alex Boyd, Zoom Co-Producer Andréa Maciel.

March – June 2021 - Shire Circle / Cylch Sir

Intercultural Roots hosted the Welsh Shire Circle / Cylch Sir series of monthly workshops and meetings each one featuring a Wales based practitioner. The series was organised by Tiago Gambogi and Maggi Swallow and each session included simultaneous translation between English and the Welsh languages.

6th March - Eddie Ladd, 10th April - Gwyn Emberton, 15th May - Eeva-Maria Mutka, 19th June - Simon Whitehead

April 2021 'walks in the continuous field' with Dylan Bolles

This course offered quided sonic meditations for harmonizing self and other in collaboration with the more-than-human world.

April – May 2021 – ‘Meditation in Music’ with Will Crawford

A new series of 6 weekly workshops. ‘Through an exploration of musical performances and styles we shall develop practices such as focussed listening, breathing and meditation.’

1st & 2nd May 2021 – ‘Pathways for Returning Home – Body Earth Reciprocity’

With Dr Raffaele Rufo, Tiago Gambogi, Nathalie Mann and Valentina Vitolo.

May – July 2021 Workshops with Alice, Deepa, Rose and Gabriela

From the experience of hosting the 17 Health & WELLth Festival events our Core Team were now able and experienced to welcome new practitioners as partners in delivering series of 4 to 6 weekly workshops namely:

·       Alice Motta – Self Massage and Intuitive Body Listening

·       Deepa Mahadevan - Bharatanatyam Movement, Rhythm, Poetry and Dance Theatre

·       Rose Kim – Instagram for Creatives Who Do Not Wanna Be Insta-Famous with Art Rat Theatre School

·       Gabriela Flarys - Body Voice Paradox: a Dance-Theatre Workshop

·       Rose Kim - Burnt Toast: An actor-centric, site specific approach to performing on Zoom

Sept 2020 - July 2021  special thanks to Alex Boyd, Andréa Maciel, Alex Feng and Jon Petter

The Intercultural Roots Directors and Core Team are grateful to all the artists who delivered all the classes that have benefited so many people.  We are particularly grateful to the following artist teachers who taught series of workshops continuously through the 2020-21 year:

·       Dr Alex Boyd - Daoyin, Qigong-Dance, Creative Labs

·       Dr Andrea Maciel - NIA Dance, Qigong Dance, Creative Labs

·       Shi Fu / Dr Alex Feng - Qigong, Traditional Chinese Medicine, The Five Animal Frolics

·       Jon Petter - Deep Listening®