RIPPLES 1: ‘What Matters To You?’

10 Oct - 21 Dec 2020

RIPPLES 1: ‘What Matters To You?’
Artists micro-commissioned to lead the public in producing one-minute videos responding to the theme ‘What matters to you?

Main Image Credit: (Tau) Peter Rockford Espiritu, Tau Dance Theatre.

Image Credit: Intercultural Roots. With Thanks to the Initiating Artists, left to right - top to bottom: Ahmed Soura (Berlin / Burkina Faso), Abigail Sena Atsugah (Ghana), Olive Nieto (Manila),  Lizzy Tan (US), (TAU) Peter Rockford Espiritu (Hawai'i), Takumã Kuikuro (Brazil), Savita Rani (India).

Ripples commissioned 7 Initiating Artists, each from different continental time zones to invite artists to produce one-minute videos or an image / writing responding to the theme ‘What matters to you?

Phase one of the project promoted international connections between local and global realities as well as responding to the various challenges that we as individuals have had to face in 2020, especially during COVID-19. The initiative is allowing an international community of artists to share and build ongoing and meaningful relationships and to look for ways that encourage mutual support.

RIPPLES initiated at the  “World Mental Health Day” on 10th of October to mark  the importance of mental health awareness and completed its first cycle on the 21th of December celebrating summer and winter solstice across continents.

(Steering Group: Alex Boyd, Elizabeth De Roza, Shabari Rao)

Image Credit: (Tau) Peter Rockford Espiritu - Tau Dance Theatre