Dr Alvaro Hernandez

Trustee (Colombia)

Álvaro Hernández is an associate professor at the Faculty of Arts -ASAB Universidad Distrital in the programs of Performing Arts, the Master's in Artistic Studies and the Doctorate in Artistic Studies. He is part of the Research Line of Critical Studies of Embodiment,  Performativity and Intersensibilities and is also the director of the Dramaturgies of the Body and Space Writings research group. Hernandez is a trans-disciplinary art maker who has worked uninterruptedly for more than three decades as an actor, performer, director, playwright, dramaturg, artivist, trainer, researcher and academic. Artistic director of Entrópico Theater-Research-Creation Laboratory, an experimental group from which a collaborative work has been developed to think about otherwise dimensions of embodiment, artistic processes, methodologies from the arts and performative and scenic practice.

Hernandez is currently investigating ways of making with plants, mountains and other than human sensoriums, trying to map relational territories that go beyond the nature-culture bifurcation. His interest is the activation of post-capitalist ecological ways of doing in the world that contribute to generating actions of change in relation to the socio-environmental crisis and the development of practices and ideas around the multiple relationships between performance, environment and ecology. Hernandez has a doctorate in Performance Studies from the University of California Davis, and a Master in Creative Writing from the National University of Colombia

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