Celia Mendizabal

Specialism: Breath/Energy Work, Fascia, Practitioner Lab, Qi Gong, Somatic

Celia Mendizabal has more than thirty years of experience working with the body as a physical theatre and circus performer. She has trained in different performing and embodiment disciplines, including ballet, circus and acrobatic skills, puppetry, mime, and butoh dance, as well as yoga, pilates, capoeira and aikido.

For the last ten years, Celia has been a regular practitioner of taiji and qigong. She was one of the first students in the UK to become an accredited instructor of the Biospirals® Method of Qigong and is one of the founding members of Biospirals® Qigong UK. Celia is registered and insured through the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain. She recently qualified as a Five Element Qigong instructor.​

Celia is currently working on the development of a methodology in which the practice of qigong can be used as an expressive and creative tool. She is researching spiral movement in relation to  the Five Elements/Phases and their movement and energetic qualities, paying particular attention to each individual phase and its multiple inter-connections, which may be used for performance both in the creation of choreographic work and character devising.

​Celia is a member of SpiralArts, an inter-generational and cross-disciplinary dance theatre company, currently working on the development of a community project for arts and well-being.

Together with Labyrinth Live Arts, Celia is developing a multimedia performance project called Fates  exploring the narratives of Greek mythology characters from a female perspective, and offering workshops for female empowerment through qigong, expressive movement, and the embodiment of female archetypes.

Specialism: Breath/Energy Work, Fascia, Practitioner Lab, Qi Gong, Somatic

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