Prof. Lynette Hunter

Trustee - Canada

Lynette Hunter is Distinguished Professor of the History of Rhetoric and Performance at the University of California, Davis. She has written or co-written over 25 books in performance studies, feminist philosophy, the politics of decolonial and alterior aesthetics, and the history of rhetoric and performance, including Critiques of Knowing(Routledge, 1999). Much of her research work since the early 1980s has been related to the various ways communities deal with diversity and create processes of valuing through embodied performance: techniques relating to acting and dance, early western rhetorics of gesture and speaking, as well as training in a daoist qigong movement culture that offers alternative vocabularies for somatic change. These research areas have led to Disunified Aesthetics (2014), which combines written, printed, graphic, and video text in a study of embodied ways of writing. They have also fed research into training, practice, rehearsal and performance, including the book Politics of Practice (Palgrave, 2019), and her current exploration of performing as training in affect.