Tau - Peter Rockford Espiritu

Hawai'i - Kanaka Maoli

Tau – Peter Rockford Espiritu is the Executive & Artistic Director of Tau Dance Theater (TDT), a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable arts organization dedicated to serving our global village by contributing to the enrichment of our cultural landscape through dance and the creative arts.  Founded in 1996, TDT is the only western form dance/theater company based in Honolulu that is Founded and Directed by a native Hawaiian. Celebrating 25 years, the identifying original movement style of TDT is Pōhuli.  The work maintains cultural identity in the face of globalization, functioning as an artistic mirror, reflecting the impact of what Hawai’i and Oceania was, has become, and where it is headed.  Anchored in indigenous consciousness and traditions, Tau creates a solid foundation built on native identity and spirituality, supporting responsible evolution through neo-Oceanic fusion.