Claire Loussouarn

Claire Loussouarn
Dominique Rivoal

Claire is a movement artist, filmmaker, herbalist and anthropologist. Her movement practice is based outdoors in dialogue with nature and the more-than-human world. She regularly moves in Hackney Marshes where she has an art project in collaboration with filmmaker Dominique Rivoal who has been filming her moving throughout the changing seasons of this natural landscape in the heart of the city for the last six years. They have built a four screens installation with 3D soundscape called 'We are plants, we are grass, we are Hackney Marshes' from the footage. She is the author of How to be feral: movement practices to re-wild your body, published with Triarchy Press. The workshop, the book and the installation are all the fruits of her committed movement art practice in Hackney Marshes. She has trained extensively with Suprapto Suryodarmo, the founder of amerta movement, Sandra Reeve and Ruth Zaporah, the creator of Action Theatre.


Some films of Claire moving outdoors:
This Urban Wild Field in Hackney Marshes -
The Shared Space of Hackney Marshes -
Welcoming the Spring in Hackney Marshes -

A short film documenting the 4 screen installation about Hackney Marshes:

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