Dr Raffaele Rufo - Tiago Gambogi - Nathalie Mann - Valentina Vitolo

Dr Raffaele Rufo - Tiago Gambogi - Nathalie Mann - Valentina Vitolo

With a background in tango/contact/contemporary dance improvisation and phenomenological philosophy, acquired between Europe and Australia in the last fifteen years, Raffaele Rufo works across the fields of dance and somatics through practices of research, training, teaching, writing, performance and activism. In 2020 he was awarded a PhD for the study of touch in tango as a somatic-improvisational experience of listening between the dancer’s inside and outside worlds. More infos at www.raffaelerufo.com.

Tiago Gambogi (BR/UK) is a “Brasilian Extraordinaire” - a dancer, actor, clown, pole dancer, artivist and lecturer. Over the last 20 years, he co-directed f.a.b. - The Detonators as well as working with artists such as Nigel Charnock, Earthfall, Ben Duke, Angela de Castro, Grupo Oficcina Multimédia and The Institute for Crazy Dancing He has created 25 performances, 11 films, directed 8 shows, has performed in 15 countries and is sought-after lecturer and workshop facilitator. More info at www.transamazonia.wordpress.com.

Nathalie Mann (FR) is active as a dancer, Contact Improvisation, Tango and somatic education teacher (Body-Mind Centering) and organizer. She is the driving force behind TangOdyssée, and the "Rencontres Tango-Contact" (France). She dedicates herself to open up safe spaces for experimentation, at the crossroads of dance, communication, and somatic practices. The encounter with Non Violent Communication ten years ago slowly matched with her constant dialogue with the environment and the field of physical forces of "Life Improvisation" dancing. More Info at https://www.tangodyssee.com.

Valentina Vitolo (IT) is a creative teacher, dancer and performer with strong movement and communication skills capable of creating stimulating and personalised learning environments through motivation, confidence and enthusiasm. Valentina has 20 years of pedagogical and movement experience in teaching mathematics and science in middle schools and in teaching the Argentine tango dance in Milan (Italy). In 2017 she started training in Contact Improvisation and Contakids and in 2020 she became a Feldenkrais certified practitioner. More Info at https://www.facebook.com/movimentometodofeldenkrais.

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