Jessica Andexer - Bear in Mind

Jessica Andexer - Bear in Mind

I am trained as both a psychodynamic and an integrative psychotherapeutic counsellor.
Much of my work has been in trauma focused settings, this led me to choose CPD in the fields of neurobiology of trauma stress and anxiety, body based and somatic thinking, breathwork techniques and to formally train to teach mindfulness.
I’ve worked since 2001 in mental health settings, trauma focused services, the NHS and taught both privately and in University.
The work I offer now is mindfulness based, it is unique in that it is informed by my understanding of mental health and polyvagal theory: the study of how our nervous system and mood interact. It is also shaped by my interest in how mindfulness can be adapted to best suit those who – may struggle with mindfulness, need mindfulness to be trauma/mental health sensitive and for those who identify as neurodivergent.
I am passionate offering up knowledge about how our brains and bodies work with regards our mental and emotional health. I feel this should be available to everyone, so we can feel empowered and capable of meeting our own self care needs as they arise.

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