Julia Testas

Julia Testas

Julia Testas is an active, professional performer and movement teacher in London, who teaches her technique "Dissolving" that was developed during her MFA in Creative Practice at Trinity Laban.
Dissolving proposes a somatic embodiment and physical theatre technique that aims to explore presence in relationships. The relationship between the inner self (anatomical and psyche) in relation to the surrounding, to the world. It's based on the sense of integration proposing the use of imagination, metaphors from nature, movements, improvisation, sweating and histamine, and learning anatomy through experiencing images.
Julia’s movement background roots and varies amongst Contemporary Dance, Capoeira and Somatic Dance. Outdoor and site specific exploration is part of her work in questioning and responding to existential structures through experiencing. She explores multiple cross disciplinary practices such as visual arts including photography, lighting and film to communicate, provoke and stimulate propositions of human expression (political, sociological, psychological & environmental).

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