Kevin O'Connor

Kevin O'Connor

Kevin O’Connor is a dance artist and somatic practitioner, working as a choreographer, dancer, and installation artist from Ontario, Canada, now based in the San Francisco Bay area. He is involved with the Strange Strangers collective, a decade-long artistic collective exploring participatory de-colonizing performances within polluted watersheds in Ontario. Over the last few years, he has worked with NAKA dance in Oakland, Skywatchers in the Bay Area, Oncogrrrls feminist art collective in Spain, Nita Little, and collaborated with Inuit hunter and designer Paulette Metuq on a project in Nunavut in the Canadian Arctic. He is currently working with Ishmael Houston Jones, Keith Hennessey, Jose Abad, and Snowflake Calvert exploring experimental improvised dance as a means to subvert traditional notions of race and masculinity. He has been learning with the Axis Syllabus community for over two decades and is a biodynamic CranioSacral practitioner. He holds a Ph.D. at the intersections of performance studies and science and technology studies at the University of California, Davis. His research examines anatomies, body performance capacities, interventions, and imaginations in relation to science studies, including the material-bio-cultural tissue called fascia. His writing can be found at

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