Lizzy Le Quesne

Lizzy Le Quesne

Lizzy Le Quesne is a somatic dance artist and certified teacher of Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT). Her creative practice in dance improvisation and site sensitive choreography, as well as photography and writing, highlights and examines an embodied experience of the material and energetic dynamics within the shared space of our world. Her work practices a heightened sense of listening, presence and potential within unfolding interior and exterior awareness.

Trained in fine art, dance and numerous somatic practices, Lizzy has been performing, choreographing, teaching, writing and researching dance and somatic practices for over three decades. She teaches professional performers and in conservatoires and universities internationally; and in arts in health in her local community in inner London - supporting qualities of safety and freedom within the physical self and physical world. In 2020 Lizzy completed a Masters by Research at the Centre for Dance Research, Coventry University, exploring how SRT supports the autonomic nervous system. She is currently engaged in a full time practice-based PhD 'A Dance of Becoming', exploring processes of embodied vitality and transformation through somatic dance, Skinner Releasing Technique and new materialist philosophies; funded by a scholarship from Midlands 4 Cities.

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