Arts for Social Change


Main Image Credit: Alice Motta


Constellations is about aligning partitioner’s capacities so they can bring forth the best of each other’s practices while exchanging their knowledges. Practitioners, teachers and artists have the opportunity here to experience the dialogue between their practices and look deeper into their areas of expertise while teaching or presenting their artwork.

Constellations is divided into ‘Arts of the Body & Health’, ‘Art & Activism’ and ‘Art & Public Sphere’. These thematic axes function as areas of convergency to foster debate, critical enquiry and teaching developments. The dynamic proposes that teachers attend each other’s classes which were also open to the public. Along these lines, there is always a space for practice, reflection and debate - offering to the public the possibility of having a further insight into creative practices, and also raising awareness towards a horizontal and collaborative practitioner ethos.

Constellation 1 - Art & Activism

Looks at the cross points of artistic activism through the lens of Boal, Lecoq, Legislative Theatre, Protest performance and Applied Theatre. Moved by the principles of political art this constellation of artists is questioning:

How can drama be a powerful tool to support our wellbeing in times of social isolation? Can audiences be activists? How can we engage our imagination for the building of a new world or political system?

Constellation 2 – Arts of the Body and Health

Offers a deep insight into the interrelations of somatic and social change while discussing how human sensory perception is intrinsic to cultural and social process. Thorough Feldenkrais technique, Duncan Dance, Deep Listening, Yoga, Qigong and Laban Bartenieff Fundamentals practitioners are able to create a space for cultivating wellbeing, wholeness, creative expression and self-development.

Constellation 3 - Art & City, discusses three perspectives of art and public sphere

‘Exhausted Cities’, ‘Sensorial Walks’ and ‘Cross-cultural cities’. This constellation adopts a panel discussion format inviting scholars and artists to share their practices in a provocative relationship within the public sphere, bringing a social intervention perspective to the current global pandemic and crisis scenario.

Please contact us if you would like to be involved in our next phase of Constellations.