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Health & WELLth integrates health and social wellness through a plethora of initiatives that includes cultural, artistic, educational and mental health programs.

The principles of interconnectivity, sustainability and collaboration create the framework behind all the initiatives of this project.

Health & WELLth expands the concept of health across transdisciplinary practices while promoting dialogues between the many layers of social life through educational and artistic events.

It was Initially designed to be a series of creative labs, workshops, performance sharing and mental health awareness training culminating in a festival, and later became one of Intercultural Roots umbrella projects giving birth to many other projects including:


Virtual Life Belts

Bodies in Expression


Image Credit: Otavio Avancini

Health & WELLth Festival - May 2021


The Intercultural Roots ‘Health & WELLth Festival’ is finally arriving in May 2021 and will offer the public a unique opportunity to participate in a hugely diverse range of body-mind-spirit ‘embodied practices’ that have health, wellbeing, artistic and educational outcomes.

At this important moment in the history of humanity, in the face of the emergency of pandemic and  climate crises, Health & WELLth redefines “health” (and “wealth”) to reconsider ourselves and our relationships – with our families, friends, colleagues and communities; and in ecology with our environment, nature and the planet earth.

Image Credit: Marie Nie

The new Body, Mind & Spirit Festival

Image Credit: Fernanda Mandagará




Changing the narrative


“What’s the matter with you!”


“What matters to you?”

and beyond!

Our Health & WELLth Festival is made up of 3 strands:


Distinct Masterclasses in dance and rhythm, physical comedy, music, voice and contact improvisation.


Panel-led Research Symposium discussing the dialogue between creative practice and social-political process.


A delightful myriad of Workshops, performances, films, access to the Hangout area, party and DJ on Saturday evening.


The IR ‘Health & WELLth’ programme rapidly adapted from planned in-person classes and a festival to sustaining connections with practitioner communities online invoking reflection and dialogue through questions including ‘What matters to you?’ and ‘What moves you?’. IR’s motivations enable dialogue between arts for health and arts for social change while providing a creative hub for artistic development and, in the words of practitioners, provided  a “home”, a “performative healing space” and “a non-judgemental place to cultivate our inner voice and be in tune with inner values”. It also demonstrates the benefits of horizontal, non-hierarchical or ‘hollow’ organisational structures that allow for community engagement and partnership based on ethical principles of equality, integrity and mutual benefit allowing for new intercultural realisations.

Throughout a series of creative labs, classes, performances sharing, symposiums and events, IR gathers practitioners to share processes of making art in light of new challenges and restrictions imposed by the pandemic, with a focus on the ways in which art forms can speak to social change through practices of radical care.

Please contact us if you would like to be involved in supporting the development of our Health & WELLth Festival or participating in it.

Image Credit: Tiago Gambogi