Isle Martin - Environmental Arts & Eco Somatic Residency, Scotland 6 - 10 September 2023

Arts for Social Change

Isle Martin - Environmental Arts & Eco Somatic Residency, Scotland 6 - 10 September 2023

Funded OPEN CALL for Artists, Somatic and Ecological Practitioners:

Environmental Arts & Eco Somatic Residency on Isle Martin, Scotland 6 - 10 September 2023

- Coordinated by Thomas Kampe, Alex Boyd, Anthony O'Flaherty and local practitioners

Join us for an environmental arts, eco-somatic and climate action residency through a Part Funded or Fully Funded Bursary to spend five days (4 nights) on a remote, uninhabited Scottish island.  Join us, local artists and friends from the Isle Martin Trust.

Watch the video from this residency:

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Panorama of Sunset over Ardmair, Isle Martin and Loch Canaird. Ullapool, Loch Broom, West Scotland - UK by Maciej Olszewski.

What's Included?

- transportation from Ullapool to Isle Martin including return boat trip;
- basic shared accommodation for over 20 people plus facilitators on Isle Martin for 4 nights. Camping is optional.**
- all meals (veggie / vegan / gluten free options);
- facilitated artistic and movement based activities
- time for contemplation, discussion and reflection, with opportunities to share your practice with your peers;
- videography and opportunities for your own filming and photography;
- outdoors health & safety support and guidance as required*;
- an experience of land-based environmental conservation work such as litter picking, planting trees, rewilding and supporting natural wildlife habitats;
- an online logistics meeting and individualised support to prepare the event.
* H-NC residencies involve some moderately challenging physical ability such as being able to walk for 30 minutes or more on rough terrain, hills or into caves. You will also be required to bring outdoor clothing and footwear suitable for the activities you will be undertaking as well as a sleeping bag, towel (and a tent if camping) etc. You will be responsible for making your own way to Ullapool.
** While the houses on the island are being refurbished accommodation is basic. Please don't expect modern facilities such as a hot shower although there is one small wood-fired shower possibly available. You should expect to wash with cold water or take a dip in the sea. There is facility for charging your mobile phone or laptop. You will receive a Kit List nearer the time and we will meet in Zoom to discuss.


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About Isle Martin

Isle Martin (Scottish Gaelic: Eilean Mhàrtainn), a small, serene uninhabited island nestled within the Scottish highlands in the North West of Scotland. This picturesque 96-hectare island, characterised by its pebbled beaches, rugged cliffs, and a diverse array of local flora and fauna, boasts a rich cultural history dating back to the Vikings. Owned by the Ullapool community and managed by the Isle Martin Trust, a community-based organisation, it offers a unique off-grid retreat, with stunning vistas, nature trails, local wildlife spotting, and historical insights. Visitors can explore the island's sites, including the remnants of a herring station from the 18th century that became a flour mill, and the old schoolhouse, now possibly the smallest museum in Scotland, while appreciating the breathtaking natural beauty and tranquillity the island offers.

H-NC residencies provide the immersive time that is so very much needed to increase connections with our inner space, allowing nature's healing and providing artistic kinship.
We are nature and land connected, and giving voice to different artistic and cultural languages that each illuminate one another and attend to the intricate interweaving tendrils of our being, opens possibilities for allowing release, healing and creation.
Through light artistic facilitation from Intercultural Roots' founder, Dr. Alex Boyd and with special guest Vangeline, non-empty spaces that are full of potential are opened, allowing new horizons to be realised through peer to peer support, attentive listening, and being in congress with our inner and outer landscapes. Nature orientated guidance and support from locals informs our ethnographical knowing of the land, unlocking her historical and ancestral mysteries.
Human-Nature Connect invites artists and practitioners to part-funded outdoor residencies thanks to the Aviva Community Fund. Each residency offers a site specific experience of sharing practice with and within nature while realising 'eco-entangled' (Donna Haraway) life ways that are more sustainable for humans and nature.
Human-Nature Connect extends inclusive social cohesion efforts to the outdoors, promoting arts, health, and climate action.

Watch a little video from our Recce to Isle Martin filmed on 21 May 2023: