Chalice Richardson

Advisor (UK)

Chalice Richardson is the Director and Chief Executive Officer at Draper Together based in the Draper Estate, Southwork in London.  He empowers families and adolescents who are not just marginalised but also at risk for serious youth violence and brings a range of beneficial influences to his roles. This includes over 20 years’ experience working with vulnerable children and adults.  His support is underpinned by a multidisciplinary perspective, and combines a theoretical and practical approach to working with children, adolescents, and families.  Familiar with government frameworks that support young people and their families, these drive Chalice’s approach to the projects being delivered.  Chalice examines social trends to assess the requirements of the people he supports, taking into account the social and economic issues that influence their life experiences and leads to their inclusion or exclusion in society or the local community. His knowledge and experience helps build and implement local plans, methods, and procedures that consider and value the cultural and social identities of families.

Chalice works in a dynamic and inventive manner, gathering information and applying novel approaches to promote and enforce legal frameworks, particularly with communities at greater risk of social exclusion. Using an in-depth knowledge of family dynamics and personal and social factors, his use of early intervention techniques have resolved a variety of issues that could result in a greater percentage of children missing school or being excluded from programmes.