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Main Image by Rob Gale: Ribbleshead Viaduct, H-NC Ingleton, Nov. 2022

Human-Nature Connect

Human-Nature Connect invites artists and practitioners to outdoor residencies. Each residency, in a stunning location, offers a site specific experience of sharing practice with and within nature while realising 'eco-entangled' (Donna Haraway) life ways that are more sustainable for humans and nature.
Through a light yet attentive facilitation, non-empty spaces that are full of potential are opened, allowing new horizons to be realised through peer to peer support, attentive listening, and being in congress with our inner and outer landscapes. Professional nature orientated guidance and specialist outdoors support informs our ethnographical knowing of nature, unlocking her historical and ancestral mysteries.
Human-Nature Connect extends inclusive social cohesion efforts to the outdoors promoting arts, education, ecological public health, and climate action.

Human-Nature Connect at ©Intercultural Roots featuring Andrea Maciel & Julia Lux and (Tau) Peter Rockford Espiritu (Tau Dance)

Meeting to discuss funding for eco-embodied and climate action projects 2024 [A Note for Practitioner-Facilitators]

As we’re now into 2024, and as Intercultural Roots begins to apply for funding to support the Human-Nature Connect programme and Eco-Embodied Network activities for this year, we thought it would be timely and useful to dedicate our 4th Weds in the month Eco-Embodied Network meeting for January to this subject.
We’d like to propose listening to the reflections of those practitioners and facilitators we supported in 2023 with a peer discussion to consider the funding needs of those attending as we move forward:
► Reflections on 2023 funded activities and processes - please see IR’s Annual Report for 2022-23 here
► Your ideas and needs for potential 2024 (and beyond) match-funded Crowdfunder or other funded activities
► The needs of our collaborative network as it grows and its potential wider partnership activities and funders
► Potentials that EcoGPX™ provide
► Forming a panel to support 2024 funded activities and the network
If you would like to and can attend and haven’t already registered for these meetings please do so now and feel free to invite people along who you feel may be interested in contributing.
Register in Zoom  if you haven't already (otherwise check your emails for your individual link - we will send a reminder nearer the time):
Date:  Wednesday, 24 January 2024
Time:  20:00 (8pm) UK Time for 1 hour

PIKO 'Where Life Begins' Coming in 2024

‘Tau’ Peter Rockford Espiritu, from Hawai'i journeys to Ingleton, Yorkshire Dales, North England. "In Hawai'ian culture, PIKO is our belly button where we were connected to our Mothers. If we think of our land mass, the mountains are the PIKO of the earth." Tau.
Journey with our special guests ‘Tau’ Peter Rockford Espiritu and Keala Fung of Tau Dance Theater from Hawai'i as we explore our life connection to the earth, the land and its people. Room for 30 people at Timberlodge, Ingleton in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. A unique opportunity for Dancers/Choreographers/Artmakers, Multi-Disciplinary Artists & Eco-Somatic Practitioners.
Click here for full information
Contact Us to be placed on our waiting list for Part Funded and Fully Funded Bursary Places

Human-Nature Connect Residency Documentaries:

Ingleton - Yorkshire Dales, November 2022
Rhossili - Wales, May 2023
Rhossili - Wales, May 2023
Ambleside - The Lake District, June 2023
Isle Martin, Scotland September 2023

Films in Post-Production - Coming Soon...

Human-Nature Connect 'Arts and Health in Nature', Hubberholme, Yorkshire Dales
Human-Nature Connect 'Butoh in Nature with Vangeline', Reeth, Yorkshire Dales
Human-Nature Connect 'La Selva', Rome, Italy

La Selva Teaser:

Here's a teaser for the forthcoming film by Stefania Milazzo for '‘La Selva’ International Ecological Arts and Eco-Somatic Residency' - see HERE for further information:
Title: ‘La Selva’ International Ecological Arts and Eco-Somatic Residency
Video teaser by: Stefania Milazzo
Description: Between 5th and 8th October 2023 a group of 40 eco-oriented artists, scholars and educators from all over the world gathered in the Natural Reserve of the Roman Coast (Rome, Central Italy) to participate in the ‘La Selva’ residency. 'La Selva’ was coordinated by Dr Raffaele Rufo (IT) and Dr Thomas Kampe (UK) in partnership with local arts, culture and education organisations and was funded through the ‘Human-Nature Connect’ Programme of Intercultural Roots (UK). We were immersed in the re-discovering of our ecological connection as a playful process of care, response-ability and cultural resistance. The residency offered 4 days of guided somatic movement, sensory and perception practice, immersive and collaborative arts exchanges, reflection and discussion, as well as guided visits to archeological sites, and excursions with specialist nature-conservation guides.

Join the International (Human-Nature Connect) Eco-Embodied Network:

The "International Eco-Embodied Network" (IE-EN), supported by Intercultural Roots is an opportunity to connect with like-minded artists, makers, creators, (eco)somatic and environmental practitioners and researchers from around the world. To join, free-of-charge, please register now with Zoom through this link:  Our optional meetings will be held on the fourth Wednesday of each month, from 20:00 - 21:00 (8pm - 9pm) London, UK Time, with online Basecamp support.
We are currently working with partners to develop funding applications to support practitioner facilitators to organise UK and international Human-Nature Connect residencies in 2024 and to be able to offer part funded and fully funded bursary places. See you in Zoom!

Join our Community Networks free-of-charge:

GIRIC - Growing Intercultural Roots in Communities

- network offering structured and peer support across Practice, Pedagogy and Projects

TBW - 'Transforming Broken Wings' (working title)

- network for artists and practitioners with disabilities, chronic illnesses and injuries

H-NC - 'Human-Nature Connect' our Eco-Embodied Network

- network for eco-somatic and climate action practitioners

Sponsor a Part or Fully Funded Bursary Place

You can securely donate to Intercultural Roots HERE to support our future Human-Nature Connect residencies and enable people who otherwise couldn't afford to be able to attend.
Our first Human-Nature Connect in Ingleton, November 2022

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