GIRIC - Growing Intercultural Roots in Communities - an OPEN CALL

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GIRIC - Growing Intercultural Roots in Communities - an OPEN CALL

Main project image credit: Alina Grubnyak

GIRIC - 'Growing Intercultural Roots in Communities'

an Open Call, Join Now, No Deadline

Free of charge opportunities for UK and Internationally based practitioners

Inclusion by Application Only:


Intercultural Roots launched GIRIC as a new ONLINE programme in January 2023, supported by the Social Enterprise Support Fund for UK and Internationally based artists, makers, creators and somatic practitioners.   Now join over 170 practitioners to help develop your Actions for Growth!

The original funders of GIRIC Jun '22 - July '23

What's Included?

We are inviting Practitioners and Embodied Researchers who would like to develop their arts, creative, cultural, craft, somatic and ecological work to join this international programme that will encompass the following opportunities:

* Peer-to-Peer Support and Mentoring

* Network Building opportunities

* Structured, Peer-Led Fortnightly Zoom Sessions (see 2023/24 schedule below)

* Opportunities to propose and co-develop income generating workshops, courses and intensives

* Opportunities to co-develop projects that respond to the needs of communities

* Asynchronous online access to resources, support and forum via our Basecamp platform

2022/23 Requested Programme

Practice <-> Pedagogy <-> Projects

Supported by our unique 3-Part model to support practitioners develop their practice (and passion) and for this to become their profession and to benefit more people in local communities.

The following topics will be delivered at our fortnightly Zoom sessions on Wednesdays 17:00 - 18:30 London UK Time. The topics were proposed by GIRIC practitioners through a consultation held September - October 2023. All practitioners have the option to attend or contribute to the peer-led sessions.


Nov 15 , 2023  Creative Health (Arts and/for Health)

Nov 29, 2023  (Eco)Somatics and Psychophysics (Mental-Physical Health and Wellbing)

Dec 13, 2023   Trauma Informed Practice

Jan 10, 2024    Dance for Social Change

Jan 24, 2024   Decolonising Your Own Practice (and Life)

Feb 7. 2024.     Embodied Research


Feb 21, 2024    Workshop Facilitation

Mar 6, 2024.    Setting up residencies, intensive & courses etc

Mar 20, 2024   Building community


Apr 3, 2024      Becoming self employed and developing an organisation

Apr 17, 2024     Finding Funders

May 1, 2024      Partnership & Collaboration

May 15, 2024    Community Consultation (Responding to Change)

May 29, 2024   Writing Funding Applications

Jun 12, 2024     Budgets and Financial Admin

Jun 26, 2024    Promotion, Online Presence & Communications

Jul 10, 2024      Project Management & Administration

Jul 24, 2024.     Evaluation & Research

Inclusion by Application Only:


Join our Community Networks free-of-charge:

GIRIC - Growing Intercultural Roots in Communities

- network offering structured and peer support across Practice, Pedagogy and Projects

TBW - 'Transforming Broken Wings' (working title)

- network for artists and practitioners with disabilities, chronic illnesses and injuries

H-NC - 'Human-Nature Connect' our Eco-Embodied Network

- network for eco-somatic and climate action practitioners

Help Sustain GIRIC

As our funding to support GIRIC ended in June 2023 please consider, if you can afford to, making a donation to help us sustain this important work.

Please Make a Donation Here

Intercultural Roots 'To Be With' Health & WELLth Festival 2022, Photo Credit: Parissa Hosseinpour

Sena Atsugah with Agbadza Music and Dance live from Ghana at the Intercultural Roots online Health & WELLth Festival 2021 -

GIRIC - Growing Intercultural Roots in Communities