Open Call - Growing Intercultural Roots in Communities

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Open Call - Growing Intercultural Roots in Communities

Main project image credit: Alina Grubnyak

Intercultural Roots launched a new ONLINE programme in January 2023, supported by the Social Enterprise Support Fund for UK and Internationally based artists, makers, creators and somatic practitioners.  

OPEN CALL ongoing

NO DEADLINE for applications to this roll on/off funded opportunity. If your application is accepted you will receive a schedule for online lab sessions and income generating opportunities that you can choose to join.

Actions for Growth: developing your practice within communities. Free, funded opportunities for UK and Internationally based practitioners.

Our Practitioner Partnership program has grown! Now with the support of the Social Enterprise Support Fund from The National Lottery Community Fund and The Big Issue Invest we can collectively go beyond our original scope and support further areas for professional development.

We are inviting Artists, Eco-Somatic Practitioners and Embodied Researchers who would like to develop their projects to join this international programme that will encompass the following opportunities:

* Mentorship and peer to peer meetings;

* Support for developing and resourcing online and in-person proposals for classes or projects;

* Problem solving labs: advisory sessions covering project organisation, funding and networking;

* Creative labs and sharing - ideas incubation and quick ways to bring a sense of 'ready-set-go' to your projects;

* Mental Health through Creative Wellness - resilience, connection and inspiration.

Limited Places Available - inclusion by Application Only.


Intercultural Roots 'To Be With' Health & WELLth Festival 2022, Photo Credit: Parissa Hosseinpour

Practice <-> Pedagogy <-> Projects

Supported by our unique 3-Part model to support artists and practitioners develop their practice (and passion) to become their profession and to benefit more people in local communities:


We're keen to meet you and discover what you feel you need to develop your practice.

Whether you aim to develop your creative or (eco)somatic practice, devising performance, or contribute to collective practice-as-research our Open Call will provide plenty of opportunities for this during January to June 2023.

Opportunities for:
- peer-to-peer support;
- local meetups;
- ideas and inspiration;
- mentoring;
- creative labs;
- collaboration between practices;
- embodied research and practice;
- mental health and Creative Wellness

** Did you know that while Intercultural Roots is an independent nonprofit organisation, it was born from the Embodied Research Working Group at the IFTR - International Federation for Theatre Research?


We will be offering sessions focussed on various aspects of pedagogy through 'enabling-the-enabler', aiming to expand and broaden the approach that practitioners have in sharing their own practice:
- planning;
- preparation;
- individual learning needs and styles;
- progressive learning;
- assessment and evaluation of learning.

Paid employment opportunities for experienced practitioners who are ready to join our unique social enterprise Practitioner Partnership programme. We will support proposals we feel we can platform through our website What's On page helping you to publish, ticket, promote and administer your creative or somatic course, intensive, retreat or conference whether it is online, in-person or even hybrid. We are also connected to opportunities for being part of Social Prescribing networks.

** Did you know that Intercultural Roots receives $13,000 per month for promotion from Google and Microsoft and you can also receive discounts on some Apple products?


You might have an idea for a project and we can help you to develop and reach out to explore opportunities for funding and partnership:

- Opportunities for developing successful and collaborative Funding applications;
- Learn how to engage groups and build communities through Digital Promotion;
- Discover essential tools for project administration and compliance: Project Planning, Finance, Legality, Health & Safety;
- Support for becoming a self-employed Freelancer and how to develop your own company or organisation.

** Did you know that Intercultural Roots is part of a network of nonprofit charities that could also support your projects

Be a Creator of Culture and Your Career (rather than consumer)!

Limited Places Available - inclusion by Application Only.


Sena Atsugah with Agbadza Music and Dance live from Ghana at the Intercultural Roots online Health & WELLth Festival 2021 -

Growing Intercultural Roots in Communities