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IR's Reach & Impact (Source: IR Annual Report 2022-23)
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Intercultural Roots' Practitioner Partnership programme, launched in January 2021, fosters collaboration with artists and facilitators in embodied arts, culture, and environment. Focused on integrity, equality, and mutual respect, it offers a cost-effective platform for co-producing and delivering activities, enabling practitioners to focus on their strengths and generate income. This sustainable model provides a venue for promoting and conducting online, in-person, or hybrid courses, workshops, and residencies, thereby expanding the practitioners' community and encouraging quality and success without sole reliance on funding.

Step-By-Step Guide:

Contact us to introduce yourself and your outline proposal for an online / in-person programme (workshop, course, conference, residency, performance etc)
► We may ask for more information or invite you to meet online for an initial 30 min chat
► If we feel we can support your proposal we'll send you a Google Form link to formally submit your proposal, images and video
► You digitally sign our Legal Agreement, and agree to our Policies and Procedures
► Choose either the Basic or Enhanced Digital Marketing Model of support (see below)
► We may meet to finalise and publish your proposal via the What's On section of our website
► Both partners begin promotion - IR will intensively promote (see below) if you have chosen the Enhanced Digital Marketing Model
► Participants pay a sliding scale for tickets depending on their income - for online events they automatically receive a personal Zoom link
► You Prepare (incl Risk Assessment), Deliver and Evaluate the programme with our admin and comms support
► You send us you registers, short evaluation with photos / videos and testimonials participants have agreed can be shared publicly.
► We share a transparent breakdown of gross income, costs and percentage split depending on the model you chose, and ask you to invoice us.
► We pay your invoice to us - or, if you cancelled for any reason, we will invoice you for costs incurred.
“IR has offered me the opportunity to connect with many other artistes across the globe, opened me to broader approaches with my artistry, offered financial support to my artistry and I admire their thoughtfulness”
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Choose A Practitioner Partnership Model

[last updated January 2024]

75:25 'Basic Model'

75% of the net income* from ticket sales goes to the practitioner. The 75:25 model is ideal for practitioners who are confident that they can promote and attract participants to purchase tickets for the event with much support from Intercultural Roots. They may already have a large community of followers and be skilled at promotion.  Otherwise IR recommends the 60:40 model that will provide Intercultural Roots with further incentive to promote the event using all means at its disposal.

60:40 'Enhanced Digital Marketing Model'

60% of the net income* from ticket sales goes to the practitioner. For practitioners who do not yet have a following or are not skilled at promotion, IR recommends the 60:40 model that will provide Intercultural Roots with further incentive to promote the course using all means at its disposal. Promotion is never an exact science and there are no guarantees regarding the effectiveness of marketing.
* Net Income is calculated as Gross Income from ticket sales for the event minus a £60 Publishing / Listing Fee, 5% Payment Platform Fees and Any Other Agreed Costs such as venue hire or placed adverts that Intercultural Roots has paid for. IR does not charge upfront costs, they are reconciled at the end of published activities and included in final calculations. Additional costs will be incurred for changes made to listings and promotion after publication (£20 per change) and for postponement (£30) or cancellation (£60 plus 5% Payment Platform Fees and Any Other Agreed Costs incurred and evidenced). Please refer to the Legal Agreement for details (see below).
“Intercultural Roots is clearly making a significant impact in the world through its ‘arts for health & social change’ mission that’s benefiting hundreds of artists and practitioners, plus thousands of participants. Thank you all involved, Bert”

Practitioner Proposal Form

After a successful initial discussion with qualified and experienced practitioners about proposals, you will be invited to submit a Practitioner Proposal Form. This editable Google Form requests practical information that will be used to publish your proposed course, workshop or residency etc. Support will be provided to refine and complete this, and submission will include agreeing to the legal agreement between partners. This information will then be used to build the infrastructure needed to list, promote and sell tickets and videos to the public.  It takes a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks from publication to start date to allow for effective promotion.
As part of our procedures for quality assurance, practitioners are required to help gather information useful for monitoring and evaluation and to contribute to regular collaborative discussions and trainings as necessary to ensure continual improvement and success.
“My connection to Intercultural Roots has exposed me to a broaden creative knowledge and deepened my appreciation for unity in diversity in the arts. More so, their professional development workshops and guidance to project management has been amazing. Funding my project has made me so fulfilled and an inspiration to do more.” Peter Atsu Adaletey, Ghana.
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Partnership Agreement

This project has been developed collaboratively by practitioners within the Intercultural Roots community and is based on principles of integrity, equality and respect for mutual benefit. It was piloted at the end of 2020 with several practitioners and their experience, and that of new practitioners, will continue to inform the best ways of working together collaboratively.
A Legal Agreement (last updated 12 January 2024) between Intercultural Roots and freelance practitioner(s) or group, provides the terms and assurances for both parties related to activities and expectations, quality, health & safety, safeguarding, copyright, finances as well as our organisational Policies & Procedures.
“I’m grateful for the essential work Intercultural Roots are doing to enable creatives like us to share and develop our work in a sustainable way. I’m very excited about how we can continue to deepen our collaboration.” Dan, Divine Ridiculous

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Intercultural Roots is dedicated to promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion in all aspects of its work, expecting partners to align with these values. Emphasizing openness, recognition, and empowerment, the organization fosters mutual trust and respect. This commitment is evident in the diversity of its trustees, volunteers, staff, and partnerships, which include people from minority ethnic, LGBTQI+, and disabled communities. Intercultural Roots actively opposes discrimination, harassment, or victimization based on age, disability, marital status, pregnancy, race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. The goal is to cultivate a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone is treated fairly and decisions are merit-based, supported by strategies and policies that uphold these principles of equality, dignity, and respect.


If your course involves you working with children or vulnerable adults we will require you and all people co-facilitating or volunteering to complete a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check or equivalent in the country where you are based.
Intercultural Roots is committed to the safeguarding of adults with care/support needs, especially during the ongoing challenges of Covid-19. Recognizing the increased risks for vulnerable individuals, such as exploitation or financial scams, the organization places strong emphasis on training practitioners to identify abuse and changes in behavior. Interactive talks include guidance on avoiding financial scams and being cautious with personal information. If abuse is suspected, the safeguarding lead is notified to liaise with external authorities or, if necessary, call emergency services. Additionally, resources like a four-page referral guide developed with the Evexia Foundation are available for those experiencing heightened anxiety.
Safeguarding is a collective responsibility, encompassing the protection and welfare of vulnerable adults. This involves collaboration between various agencies, including health, education, social care, the voluntary sector, and justice services, to protect adults at risk of significant harm. The organization ensures that all staff and volunteers are aware of their roles in preventing abuse and neglect. Safeguarding procedures, consistent with those for children and young people, include appointing a Designated Safeguarding Lead, educating staff and volunteers about abuse signs, and maintaining safe recruitment practices. The policy, reviewed annually, reflects the charity’s commitment to creating a safe environment for vulnerable adults, with the next review scheduled for September 2024.
‘Intercultural Roots offer deeper support and insight into one’s project and immensely involved in the beginning to finish. More so, they generously open artistes to networks that broadens possibilities.’
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Join our Community Networks free-of-charge:

GIRIC - Growing Intercultural Roots in Communities

- network offering structured and peer support across Practice, Pedagogy and Projects

TBW - 'Transforming Broken Wings' (working title)

- network for artists and practitioners with disabilities, chronic illnesses and injuries

H-NC - 'Human-Nature Connect' our Eco-Embodied Network

- network for eco-somatic and climate action practitioners

By Jon Petter, Deep Listening® Practitioner

Credit: Jon Petter, Deep Listening. © Intercultural Roots and Partners 2024.
"I feel very lucky to have met the rather wonderful team at Intercultural Roots through this strange lockdown world since last March. Not only have I felt incredibly welcomed into a community of artists and practitioners committed to sharing their practices and actively looking to promote a better world for us all to inhabit, but I have also felt encouraged and supported in developing my own practice and offering it to the IR community.
The Intercultural Roots Practitioner Partnership scheme has helped me to develop and focus my online offerings, and supported me in getting those workshops out to the wider community. From help and encouragement with publicity, to managing the ticketing, to open, fair and prompt financial arrangements, to honest and mutually beneficial feedback about the processes and workshops themselves – Intercultural Roots have been and continue to be an amazing team to work with.
This is how Partnership should work – in a mutually beneficial exchange, where both parties are helping to move in the same direction.  This is not about sitting back and letting someone else tell you what to do or decide for you – it is about you bringing yourself to the table and working with support to get somewhere you couldn’t have got on your own."