Dr Alex Feng LAc, PhD, OMD

Dr Alex Feng LAc, PhD, OMD

Dr. Alex Feng LAc, PhD, OMD is an international expert in TCM, QiGong, and the internal Chinese martial arts. An ordained Taoist priest with a lineage of Zhi Daoism from his father, Dr. Wei Ren Feng, Dr. Feng is uniquely qualified to explore and teach the benefits and practices of medical Qi gong. Classes are taught by Zoom from his center Zhi Dao Guan, the Taoist Center in Oakland, CA. Dr. Feng was in the first group licensed to practice TCM in California in the mid 1970s.  He has practiced and taught TCM, Qi Gong and internal martial arts such as Tai Chi and Bagua for 50 years.  Considered a pioneer of the integration of Eastern and Western medicine, Dr. Feng brings a wealth of information and delivers it in a manner that enables each student to learn and incorporate knowledge and practices into their own lives.

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